Artificial intelligence always fascinated me as a domain. I however never gathered enough courage to dive into it until recently. After quite a few false starts over the years, I have recently gotten to a point where it feels like I am making progress.

The people I know who work in this domain are super smart and come from Mathematical background. Frankly, I am not great at Maths and this proved to be a hurdle in me making headway faster.

Googling has been a bit painful because most of the material out there assumes that the reader knows a few things already. A tutorial labelled as “basic” would become quite complicated for someone like me, with no background in data science/statistics/maths. This essentially meant that to understand 5 lines of code, I would end up reading about 15 different related things.

Now I am making progress, albeit slowly. I will be documenting my adventure in the hope that it helps someone out there like myself. Secretly, I think compelling myself to write about it would make me want to understand the topics better to be able to explain to other people. If you are an ML expert and you find mistakes in my concepts, it would be fantastic if you can drop a comment.

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